*This post is in collaboration with eve Sleep, but all thought, advice and sheer love of my new mattress are my own.*

What’s the best part of being a mum? I can probably guarantee your first thought wasn’t how you like being kicked in the head by your sleeping toddler at 4am, right? But for many of us, that’s the reality.

As a parent it can be so hard to get quality sleep, to get anything longer than a 5 hour stretch of undisturbed sleep is pretty impossible. We’re constantly being disturbed and just as we manage to drift off to sleep were abruptly awoken by a little foot in our back. And we can’t always control our little alarm clocks, you know the ones, the ones that wake us up with a chorus of ‘mum’.

So, do we just give up? Hoping that on their eighteenth birthday, we’ll eventually get our quality sleep we’ve been so longing for? Or do we reclaim our sleep now, by making some small practical changes to our sleeping routine?  

I for one, am definitely for the latter. Sienna has just turned two, that means I’ve had two years of rubbish sleep (even longer, if you include the third trimester), two years of not wanting to roll out of bed before 8am and two years with huge eyes bags! So, I have nothing to lose (well the eye bags) and everything to gain. That’s why I’ve partnered with eve Sleep to transform my sleep. you can too as they’re giving you 25% off the eve mattress of the hybrid mattress, just use the code ‘SLEEPYMUM’

Six weeks ago, I introduced a new eve Sleep mattress, the eve original sleep mattress alongside some new sleeping rituals and I feel so much better for it. I certainly had a spring in my step when I woke up this morning, to write this blog post.  These steps are all simple and practical and can make a huge difference to your sleep.



Step 1. Out with the old in with the new 

Firstly, I threw out my old uncomfortable mattress and replaced if for one of eve Sleep’s – eve original mattresses. They have 3 mattresses in their range, but this one was my top choice as it promises comfort as well as a special cooling layer, being someone who is always hot at night, this one really appealed to me.

It was delivered in a box and it was super easy and fun to put up. Sienna and I immediately jumped on it (I think this is the law when you get a new mattress) and after only a few hours it was fully expanded and was ready for a great night’s sleep.

My first impression was how it felt so much better than my old spring mattress. Rather than sinking into an uneven bed, with rogue springs in my back, I felt like I was sinking into little clouds. I hadn’t slept on a memory foam mattress before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, I was actually blown away by the comfort and support you get from it. If you haven’t experienced one either you’re missing out.


2. Have a set bedtime/wake time

As parents we’re great at running our children’s bedtime routines, we run them like little military operations. Bath time is followed by story time and quiet play, then its lights out by 19:30 for bedtime. However, when it comes to your own sleep routine, do you take as much care?

I found my sleeping patterns were all over. I was going to bed anytime between 20:30 and 02:00. This obviously didn’t help with my energy levels or those eyes bags. Although some nights I went to bed early, I still didn’t really benefit from it. As I would lay awake for at least an hour or two, even though I was exhausted. It goes without saying that the nights when I went to bed late, I was like a walking zombie the following morning. Yet, for some reason I stuck to this sleep routine for almost 2 years and then did what I do best – I complained that I didn’t get any quality sleep. I found myself in a viscous circle, it didn’t matter what time I went to bed, the outcome was always the same – I was tired and had zero energy the following day.

So, I’ve put in place a 22:30 bedtime and 06:00 wake time. You can decide what times are best for you and your schedule, but I find 22:30 gives me enough time after Sienna has gone to bed, to complete any household chores, catch up on Instagram and check my emails etc. Likewise, a 06:00 wake time ensures I get up in plenty of time before Sienna wakes. That enables me to treat myself to a morning cup of tea or coffee in peace! I never hit the snooze button anymore. as I don’t feel the need anymore (hooray),

Rising early has been such a positive change for me. I’ve always struggled for as long as I can remember to get up before Sienna woke ups. Although working from home means I have the luxury of deciding when I want to get up, I’m not a fan of lying in. I feel as though I miss out on the best part of the day. So, waking up with a spring my step (and not my back, goodbye old mattress), means I start each day with boundless energy.

The eve original mattress has undoubtedly transformed my sleep in many ways. One of which, is being able to fall asleep much faster than I used to.  I used too really struggle to fall off to sleep, as my mind was always racing. Whereas now, as I climb into bed at 22:30, I now feel so cosy and relaxed, I can feel the stresses of the day instantly slide away, as I sink into the eve original mattress. Falling asleep faster means when I am woken up by Sienna during the night, it doesn’t feel as rough as it used to do and drifting back off to sleep isn’t an issue anymore. If you want to give one of eve Sleep’s amazing mattresses a try, use the code ‘SLEEPYMUM’ for a huge 25% off my mattress of choice the eve original mattress or the hybrid mattress.


 3. Limit your screen time

 I’m the first to admit that I can easily lose a few hours to social media, scrolling through my home feed and watching stories all night. Surely, i’m not the only one, right? We all know that our screens omit a blue light that stimulates our brain, which is the last thing we want or need before we go to bed. So, choose a cut off time to stop your social media scrolling and any other screen activity. 


Use your newly found time to curl up with a book that’s been on your ‘to read’ list for months. Even if it’s just 20 minutes reading before bed. You’ll notice a huge difference when your bedtime arrives, as you’ll feel a lot more relaxed, sleepy and a lot less ‘wired’. Lately I’ve been reading in bed before bedtime, I can’t keep my eyes open for longer than 15 minutes.

You could plan your to-do for the next day, write some affirmations or even set goals for yourself and the week ahead. I know I’ll enjoy a much better nights sleep, if I psychically write down of my to do’s for the next day. And yes, psychical write them down, don’t just use the notes section of your phone. Psychically writing them down helps you to ‘brain-dump’ everything that’s on your mind, thus allowing you to switch off before its lights out. Whatever you choose to fill your time with, make sure it’s something for yourself and something that will leave you feeling positive. 


4. No caffeine after 2pm.

This again is an obvious one, yet one that I rarely used to stick too. Caffeine takes a while to wear off and can cause sleeping problems. I now limit my tea and coffee consumption to morning only, I then switch to herbal teas in the afternoon. Having less caffeine in your body will help it relax and will mean fewer sleep disturbances. That means you can wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. Also, we’ve officially hit hot chocolate season. Hooray! So there’s no excuse not to swap.


5. Exercise

Now you might be thinking – ‘I don’t have time for that’. I hear you, as that’s what I told myself too. However, if you think small, think of opportunities where you can incorporate a little exercise into your daily routine, you’ll be surprised.

As I have a dog we already go for two walks a day. dog or no dog walks are great, they’re also great for clearing your mind and making room for creativity! I suggest downloading an app that counts your steps to motivate you. You could get off the bus a couple of stops before your stop. Even small changes like using the stairs instead of the elevator next time you’re out shopping. A few small changes will count.

I do on the odd occasion exercise with Sienna, which is hilarious, as she tries join in by sitting on my back while I try to plank. She’s loves to get involved, as its all a game to her. Honestly, try a little baby yoga, its good for everyone involved.


 Here’s to sleep, tea and peace!

As I’ve said, its now been 6 weeks since I made these changes and they’ve transformed my sleep. Finally, I’ve found a solution to my terrible sleep. It feels incredible! These steps are all very simple and practical and without doubt the biggest factor in improving my sleep has been the eve original mattress. We all spend most of our time sleeping, so investing in a comfortable and supportive mattress is non-negotiable for me. I shan’t be swapping my mattress anytime soon. I love waking up each morning feeling ready to wake up, my body feels ready, I don’t feel like a zombie anymore. Plus, I get my cuppa in peace, before Sienna wakes up. 

I hope you try these tips as I am certain if you do, you’ll start to feel more human again! So use the code ‘SLEEPYMUM’ for 25% off the eve Sleep mattress or the hybrid mattress. You can thank me later!