Hello lovelies!

I’m Danielle Dean, the founder of Sienna and I. I live in the North East of England with my FiancĂ© Ryan, my daughter Sienna (2) and our Cockapoo Flo.

If you had asked me when I was a little girl what do you wanted to be when I grew up, I’ve have said an artist. I was obsessed with drawing and creating, it didn’t matter the medium, I just wanted to create.

Did I grow up to be an artist? Sitting hear now, as I write this I’d say YES! Although not the artist I envisaged as a little girl. Today I’m a Content Creator, photographer and mobile phone editing magician. Which all help me create art. I’m also a Personal Chief , a Master Potty Trainer, CEO of my home, Toy Fixer and Gluer, Imaginary Tea Drinker, a Play-date Coordinator and

Had you told me two years ago, back in 2016 that I’d have the titles – Content Creator, Photographer and Mobile editing magician, I’d have laughed. In fact back then I wasn’t on any social media and I didn’t even own a camera, how things have changed.

Two years ago I started posting to my dormant Instagram account and quickly fell in love with having a creative outlet. I grew my account from 35 followers to over 140K followers. In the process I’ve created myself a dream career as Content Creator. I now create content for all things motherhood, fashion, children’s products, and much more. Past brand collaborations have included Disney, Cath Kidston, Monsoon, Eve Sleep, Club Med, NotOnTheHighstreet and Vitabiotics.

Along the way I set up this blog to share with you my journey and to help you arm you with some tips and tricks of the trade. – I share everything from photo editing, creativity, growing your Instagram, working with brands, lifestyle and motherhood.

Thank you for stopping by D x