Hello Lovely,

How on earth is it June already? I feel like I blinked and 5 months just disappeared. I can’t wait for Summer to start, because a new season brings with it, new inspiration and fresh ideas. So bring on all the beach photos, pastel colours and all the gelatos. 

This month’s newsletter is packed with ideas to get you out of creative slumps, so let’s dive in.

Why Can’t I create anything?

I thought in this months newsletter I’d share some tips on something we can all struggle with from time to time; a creative slump. Those days when you just don’t feel like picking up your camera, you try to think of ideas for a photograph, but zilch, nada! Sometimes it can last an hour or so, but other times a whole week can pass

It’s normal for us to have ebb’s and flow’s in our creativity. We all suffer from occasional creative blocks, but not to worry there are ways to overcome it.

Below I’ve listed tips, tricks and hacks to help you. there is a mix of my own tips and those suggested in my recent question I asked in my stories –   ‘What do you do to boost your creativity.

Tips for overcoming creative blocks

  • Listen to music. This one was so popular. Put on your favourite upbeat music, sing your heart out and dance like no one is watching ( you don’t have to do the latter, but I recommend it). Or play some soothing music you help relax you. Whatever works, give it a try.


  • Getting outside in nature was also one of the top responses, I couldn’t agree more. I have heard that our best ideas come to us when we are calm and still, just being present in the moment, so its no wonder that so many of us, overcome creative blocks by going for walks, So put on your shoes, leave your phone in your pocket and just soak up the smell, sights and the sounds. My favourite time to go for a walk is only after its rained, as everything seems so much calmer.


  • Pay attention to your surroundings, this links in perfectly with the previous tip, but I felt this needed its place. As you don’t need to be in a forest or a lush green park to just pause. If you’re at home, to what you’re doing, put your camera down, make a cuppa and just breath. Again it’s in these moments of calm when our best ideas come to us. when we’re so busy trying to get a photo or think of idea’s we can sometimes miss opportunities to  


  • Read more, be it books, newspapers, magazines, poetry or even blog posts. Remember your brain in a sponge, the more you feed it, the more it soaks up, the more it has to play within the creative process.


  • Look at beautiful images. Look for great pictures on Pinterest, if you like the colours of a feel of a photo save it. Save pictures that appeal to you, and ask yourself what do you like about it? How can you create a similar vibe or feeling? This goes for Instagram too. I used to use Instagram a lot more for inspiration, but these days, Pinterest is my favourite. A good tip is if you really like a photo on Pinterest, click on it, then scroll down, as Pinterest will show you other images that have a similar aesthetic.


  • Have physical props to play with. A suggestion I got in my responses was going to a craft store, this one speaks to me, I love nothing more than going thrifting for little gems I can use in my photos. Lots of my ideas come from props and thinking of how I can use. Pick them up move them around with other props t think of ways to photograph them.

  • Take photos regularly, I loved this one because this is so true for me, and I’m sure it is for you too. If I leave my camera sitting idle for a week collecting dust, I don’t feel the urge to create; I become quite comfortable making excuses, like ‘I have no ideas for photos’. But in reality, if I’d pick my camera up and play around, ideas will generally start to pop up in my head. And lots of my favourite images came after some terrible shots. So shooting as much as you can get you to those golden shots.


  • Doodle your ideas in a little notebook. Have a journal that is solely for doodling your photo ideas. I recommend having one book for this because then they’re all together and a doodle that you didn’t like a month ago might suddenly stand out. So doodle and look through your old doodles for inspiration.

  • Look through your own feed for inspiration. Your work is incredible, its a part of you. You should regularly look at your old photos for inspiration and think of ways to re-create them, perhaps adding a little twist.


  • Set yourself challenges. A little like Instagrams WHP, if you’re not familiar with it, each weekend Instagram used to invite you each weekend yo share photos using their hashtag. The hashtag would be different each weekend. Previous ones have included WHPgoingplaces WHPperspective. The aim is to create an image that represents that word. This was great for sparking our imagination and seeing how others interpreted the hashtag. Sadly about a month ago, Instagram stopped their WHP. Not to worry though as the marvellous @joelrobison has started a mini 14-week WHP challenge you can follow along here, I’m included in the challenge and can’t wait to share mine in July. You should definitely join in. 


  • Recognise the importance of positivity and gratitude. I loved this one, I mean, have you ever tried to create something beautiful when you’re in a stinking mood? That being said we’re not always in a good mood, so being mindful of being positive and even having a gratitude journal where you can write in each day the things you are grateful for can go a long way.


  • Keeping a clean space. This one is totally all mine 😂. The reason I suggest this is because having a clean (in other words free from clutter) space, allows your mind to concentrate on creating and it doesn’t always get distracted by the pile of laundry in the corner.


  • Bounce ideas off other people. This is something I struggle with, and I dare say I’m sure you do too. Not many of us are fortunate enough to have someone else alongside us to bounce ideas off. I have a partner Ryan, but he doesn’t really get the whole Instagram thing 😂, and he’s away all week, so it really is a solo operation. What can you do to overcome this? DM a fellow creative, someone you’re quite close to on IG and chat about your ideas. 

  • Give up. Take a break. Admit defeat. Some days it might not work at all and I think if you’ve tried a few of the above tips and you still can’t shake the slump, just call it a day and have a little me time (if at all possible, I know having Sienna me time is like gold dust, an enigma 😂). One thing I will say about this point is if I’m tired I will admit defeat because my brain basically won’t function, I know coming back with fresh eyes will help. However, If I’m just frustrated, I only allow myself a 5 min break for a cuppa, but then I come straight back to it. I sometimes find I have a point where I break through, and it starts to make sense again.
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