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Blink and they’re sitting up, blink twice and they’re walking, blink three times and you have a fully fledged toddler on your hands, one with sticky fingers and uncontrollable remote control hiding antics!  I don’t think I’m alone in thinking this.

I still remember like it was yesterday, the new-born days. When every passer by on the street would offer their wisdom by warning you ‘they grow up so fast, make the most of it’. Although I knew time would fly, I didn’t realise just how quickly. Now that i’m a mum, I find that I’m the one offering my pearls of wisdom, to every passer by.

Being caught up in the day to day, means I don’t always get the opportunity to soak up every minute, with Sienna. So I want to make the most of those special days like Mother’s Day.  This mother’s day I intend on soaking up every minute. I can’t wait till I see Sienna run towards me with her tiny hands, clasping her little gift. I hope I’m gifted a glittery pasta shell masterpiece or a handmade mug (one with her little fingerprints smudged all over the outside). I’ve already received an early thoughtful Mothers Day gift, one that holds so much sentimental value (just as much as her glittery pasta shells will). Its from notonthehighstreet, they have a wonderful array of thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts. They are leading a campaign to celebrate all you wonderful mothers. Whether you’re gifting to yourself (from your little one) or to your own mum, they’ll have the a gift to suit all. Ones for those  yummy mummies, new mum’s, mum’s to be, busy-working mums, a mom bun wearing mom, or a super mum then you’ll find the best selection of thoughtful gifts on notonthehighstreet.

With a few of my mum friends in mind and my own supermom, I have rounded up my 5 perfect  and thoughtful gifts from notonthehighstreet, gifts to suit each of them.

Mummy mug
Personalised Carnation Botanical Flower Print
Personalised Enamel Planter
Personalised ‘Mum, Ten Reasons You Are Wonderful’
‘Off Duty’ Gift Box


My gift is a beautiful personalised Mixed birthstone necklace by Rachel Jackson. Its special to me for two reasons. Firstly, it has both mine and Sienna’s birthstones inside, mine is emerald and Sienna’s is peridot. Secondly, it has a special engraving on the back. My favourite date – the date I learned to forgive quickly, the date I developed the patience of a Saint, the date I stopped being the centre of my own universe. the date my heart swelled to twice it’s size, if not more! it was also the date I could finally see my feet after 3 months of them hiding and the date I waved good buy to uninterrupted sleep (but I’ll let the last one go). 27.08.16,  the date Sienna was born. So wearing this keepsake each day will remind me of my favourite little lady and how she changed my world, for the better.

I have a strong inkling that the next few years will rush by, just as swiftly. So I’m making an effort this year and every year there after, to make more moments. I’m going to giggle more, careless about the mess, and adventure further. I’m going to have regular dance parties, start baking together (wish me luck), go camping, have beach days (as many as we can squeeze in), tell Stories, have picnics and go for extra long walks.

What type of mum are you?