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There’s quite nothing like those little butterflies of excitement you feel, once the holiday is booked, right? I immediately start writing holiday lists –  a summer wardrobe list, beach essentials, toiletries, a list for Sienna’s wardrobe, a ‘what to do incase of emergency’ list, a list of the top 10 best restaurants and a wish list, for those coveted items. You name it, it’s basically an endless list-a-thon. As our summer holiday is fast approaching (yes it’s now booked, woohoo). i’ve been writing and re-writing non stop lists and of course, i’ve started shopping!


The Summer wardrobe list

If you’re like me, this is your favourite list to write. I mean there’s so many big questions – how many t-shirts do I need?’,  ‘do I have room for 16 bikinis?’,  should I take a cardigan? How many shoes can I fit in my case?

Once I figured out the answers to all those big questions, I then tackled my wardrobe. Hoping that there were a few items from last summer, that could pass off as this season’s trends! Thankfully this time round I only needed the odd item. As I already have some good staples including lots of linen dresses, dresses with buttons,  jeans shorts (always a winner) and lots of stripes!

Smoother shopping

The Wish List, this is my list of must have items that will help spruce up my wardrobe. I don’t tend to follow trends, but I do like to keep things up to date, by adding one or two new pieces each season. One of the items on my wish list was a new dress, either something with a pop of colour or a nice print.

These days shopping in store is out of the question, it’s too much hard work with a toddler. Online shopping is so much easier, as I don’t have to worry about Sienna having a melt down or having that – ‘arghhh, did I remember the snacks?’ moment  – I prefer to do it all from the comfort of my sofa!

I found two gorgeous dresses one from ASOS and one from Topshop. You may remember these from my stories, a pink strappy dress and a black gingham dress. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted. as both were so lovely. So I ordered both so I could try them on.

While at the checkout I added a new payment option – Klarna’s ‘pay later’ option, which is offered by both ASOS and Topshop. Its essentially a try before you buy service. There are no fees or charges, you simply pay 30 days after you order your items. In that time you’ll have received your goods, tried them on (styling them 101 different ways), and returned any unwanted items.  So by the time your payment is due, you’ll have to pay for what you kept, amazing!

I opted for the pay later option, and everything was confirmed via email, letting me know how much my total purchase was and when it would leave my account (30 days after I placed the order).

Once my dresses arrived, I still couldn’t decide which I preferred, even after trying them on. So that’s where you came in. I shared both dresses to stories and asked you  – ‘which should I keep?’ – (another reason I love a story poll, as it means I don’t have to make the hard decisions). You choose the black gingham dress. I have to say you made the right choice, as it’s  perfect for both day and night.

Sssh! Don’t tell dad we’ve been shopping again. We’ll say they just fell out of the sky.

I’ll return the unwanted dress back to Topshop. Once received, Klarna will email me to say that my purchase had been updated, and showing the amended purchase price. I have been so impressed by how simple the process is, This will now be my preferred payment option, as it makes sense to only pay for the items i’m Going to keep.

Looking back to when I was heavily pregnant with Sienna, I had about four weddings/occasions to attend. I can recall each time making a huge online order for a ton of maternity occasional dresses to wear. As it was so hard to find something suitable that didn’t look like a bin bag. Having Klarna then would have been amazing. I wouldn’t have had to pay a big bill, only to wait for a refund from all the items I didn’t keep.

These days I often buy the same item in two sizes to see which will fit best, sending the unsuitable one back, so again having a service that allows me to do this, is great.

Klarna is already available in some of my favourite online shops, i’m sure they’ll be offered by some of your favourites too.  Well that’s my summer wardrobe sorted. Now time for Sienna’s and back to writing more lists!

D x