I’m exactly 1 year, 3 months and 4 days into motherhood. Rather than mourning my late nights partying with the girls, I’m loving nights in, with my littlest girl.

I often scroll through my camera roll, looking at how much Sienna has changed and grown. Which naturally leads me to reminisce the highs and lows of the past year.

So If you’re a first time mum, like me, then this for you.

If you’re a super mum, who has experienced the high and lows several times, this is for you.

And If you’re an expectant mum then grab a cup of tea because this for you too.

The lows…

• Crying at the drop of a hat in the early days. I remember crying because I hadn’t ran the bath  to the right temperature, so I had to re-run it (this almost caused a total meltdown).

• Having more items on your to-do list at the end of the day, then you did at the start. How is this possible?

• A common site becomes a stack of dishes in the sink.


• Accepting the fact that, that book you started reading last week will take you till your child’s 18th birthday to finish.

• Spending bathtime picking up a never ending barrage of bath toys, as they are thrown overboard.

• Never going to the toilet alone (unless you manage to escape and lock yourself in to get 5 minutes peace).

• Being late for everything (however in Sienna’s defence, I was always late before I had her. Now I’m just later).

• Your tea and coffee is always cold.

• Mommy-brain. And yes this is an actual condition.

The highs…

• Having a mini me to wear matching clothes.

•  The overwhelming swell you feel, when you hold your baby for the first time.

• The baby smell, which I think is just talc with a faint whiff of wee, is it not?

• Experiencing each new milestone, first smile (that isn’t wind), first tummy roll…Some how each milestone feels better than the one before.

• First word. Sienna’s was ‘dada’. No mention of ‘mum’ for months (despite all the late nights I put in, Dad still came first!).

• Experiencibg the world all over again through your child’s eyes.

• Having your home filled with giggles.

• Their little quirks. I like to call these Siennaisms. Her current Siennaism is walking backwards really slowly and laughing.

• Having that supportive sympathetic nod from other moms, when they can see your child is having a total meltdown in public.

• Christmas. It’s just a million times better with children!

• Lastly having an sense of purpose (even if that purpose is to just put on silly voices to make your child laugh).

Have I missed anything from the list?