In partnership with Babyzen from Whitestep

I remember an ex work colleague of mine, telling me how her daughter and husband have daddy daughter days. They had so many different adventures, some big and some small. Everything from afternoons at the beach eating ice cream, going to the theatre, shopping trips and even a trip to New York! Over the years they had built such a strong bond. She’s now in her thirties and they still make time each month for a daddy daughter day. ‘How fab does that sound?’ – I thought to myself. So many memories and experiences to look back on. This was someone I definitely wanted to do once I was mum.

I recently left work which means I now get to spend everyday with Sienna (big gigantic smile), so surely I don’t need to incorporate mommy and me dates, right? After all, other than the odd day she spends at her nana’s, we’re together all the time. Yet the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. As i’m working from home now, it means that i’m always trying to juggle work, my home life and Sienna. So my work life and home life are a bit of blur. I’m replying to emails, editing photos, hoovering the stairs and playing peek-a-boo, all at the same time. Which means we don’t always get quality time together.

So starting this month I’m incorporated mommy and me dates into my diary. I’ve already planned out our dates for May. I’m treating these mommy and me days as a mini bucket list for Sienna. I’ve been asking myself – what would she like do? What gets her excited? What hasn’t she done/seen before? I choose 4 dates for May and pencilled them in my diary.

Our first mommy and me date

Yesterday was our first official mommy and me date, and it was so fun. Seen as she’s obsessed with birds at the moment, I planned an afternoon at the beach. That way, she’d have a million birds to see (i’m not even exaggerating) and we’d both get some vitamin D.

I was fortunate enough to be gifted a Babyzen Yoyo stroller, so it was the perfect opportunity to give it a test drive. This stroller is fab, as it ticks all the boxes – stylish, lightweight and compact. The last thing I want when I’m out with Sienna is a huge stroller that knocks into everything. As its smaller and more compact than my previous stroller, it meant navigating around all those seagulls, was no problem. Also the fact that it comes in a range of colours means you can choose the colour that best suits your style. I wanted someone light and neutral, that wouldn’t clash with any of my outfits, so I choose taupe.

Our first date was fab, the sun was shining and the sky was bright blue. I always find those days keep me in such happy spirits. To make our dates a little different I planned a few fun activities for each of them.  For this date we went searching for sea shells and stones. I’ve been collecting bits and pieces for Sienna’s Spring sensory box so some shells from the beach, were the perfect addition. Getting her to choose her favourite stones from the thousands on the beach was a task, let me tell you!

Normally if I take her stroller down to the beach, we can only stay on the promenade as it was never an option to take the stroller on to the beach. It was too big and bulky, and once folded down it was in two separate parts. However as the Babyzen Yoyo folds up so easily and is super lightweight and compact, I could easily fold it up and carry it on my shoulder. That was the easy part the hard part was then convincing Sienna that we had to leave the beach.


After our walk on the beach, we did what all Brit’s must do, we obviously went to the chip shop for chips and followed it with an ice cream (one way to bribe her from the beach, is with ice cream). I’m also very clever as I know not to let her eat ice cream in her stroller, but to sit her on the bench (that came with experience). After we couldn’t stuff anymore Strawberry cheesecake ice cream in, we headed off home. Sienna being Sienna she fell asleep within 5 minutes of going back in her Babyzen. My favourite feature of the Babyzen stroller is how easy it is to pop it back up, it literally a quick flip and your good to go. So our first mommy and me date was a total success, sunshine, chips, ice cream, birds (lots of birds) and a big helping hand from Babyzen.



For our next adventure I’ve planned a picnic, obviously not New York i’ll have to save up for that one, perhaps when she’s 21!


Have you had any special mommy and me dates?